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Reiki healing has been present with us since the beginning of time. It is to heal using the universal life force, rei-ki meaning ‘mysterious atmosphere’ or ‘supernatural influence’ in japanese.

Mikao Usui, a japanese healer and teacher was the originator of the system called Usui Reiki, which is well known in the west now, but the healing art of Reiki has been practiced in many parts of our world by healers thoughout history.

Multidimensional Reiki, also called Angelic Reiki has been introduced to us by Kevin Core who worked as a channel for the Angelic Kingdom. Different from Usui Reiki, the healer’s entire chakra system is attuned, opening up the vertical energy channel (sushumna nadi) therefore being able to act as a direct channel for healing.

Thus multidimensional healing can be applied which is done across all incarnations of the patient, across all dimensions and separate realities. Working together with Ascended Masters, Galactic Healers and the help from the angelic realm, it is a very powerful tool for healing on all levels including the physical. It can be used as a tool for support, cherishing us through emotionally difficult times and activating our consciousness and light bodies by changing the spin of the molecules and atoms of our bodies and activating our DNA.

Angelic Reiki is also very safe and can be applied on animals, children, babies, during Pregnancy and it can be used for distant healing as well. One session usually takes an hour, with the the person receiving the healing fully clothed. He/she can then relax lying down, while the practitioner gently applies her hands on the receivers solar plexus and heart centre.

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‘Enlightenment, Ascension, and the root of all bliss is not on the path. The path is the path is the path. There can only be a path if there is somewhere to go and there can only be somewhere to go if here and now is not perfect! What you call Ascension or enlightenment is not at the end of the path. This is the greatest illusion. It can happen in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, in the middle of the supermarket. It can happen. But what is it and how? I hear you ask.

It is falling in love with yourself.

…I would love to lend you my glasses “laugh” so that you could see yourself as I see you. You are as Divinely perfect now, with all your faults (laugh) as you are ever going to be.’

~ Djwhal Khul

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