My mission here is to inspire and help each individual connect to his/her own divine source of wisdom through Dance, Music and Spirituality…

I teach Yoga classes and gatherings that combine ancient teachings and excercises passed on to us from all corners of the world with the playfulness and free spirit of Dance…

I deeply enjoy bringing out the whole potential of the individual by focusing on their uniqueness and complete being….

Free Spirit Yoga is meant for you to experience a true feast of the senses creating Joy & Peace, allowing yourself to connect to your God/dess within and realise that Life is a truly divine experience,  so come and join our party!

What is Free Spirit Yoga?

Free Spirit Yoga combines the wisdom of Yoga with Dance, creating an unusual and refreshing fusion of Music, Arts, Meditation and Movement.
We will be directly working on our Chakra systems to align our energy pathways (Nadis/Meridians) and to open up our Vertical channel (Sushumna Nadi), which will allow us to access the ‘Vertical Moment’, in other words: To access the Magic in the present moment!
We will be using Music, Dance and Creativity to facilitate this beautiful process with a smooth and strengthening Yoga practice as the centre.

Ending each class with deep relaxation, Meditation and Pranayama, one should expect to float out from the class feeling a huge sense of peace and Inspiration.