Christina has been involved in Music and Dance since an early age, being raised by an artistic family of musicians and lovers of Arts.

Having the dream of becoming a performance artist, she trained in many forms of Dance which include Ballet, Contemporary and Afro.

Following a knee injury and discovering the competitive side of the Dance world, Christina decided to dedicate herself to the studies of Ayurveda and Yoga, being drawn especially to the aspects of Nutrition, Wellness and Healing.

This has started her off into a world full of wonders, shamans, and the subtle realms…being fascinated by the magical aspects of healing, she discovered many answers to the biggest questions such as ‘Who am I? What’s the purpose of life? What is going on in the world?’…feeling incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to learn Yoga and other ancient teachings of the world, Christina feels a great desire to share this knowledge now with others.

Many years passed by, focusing entirely on Health and Wellness, she discovered that her love affair with Dance still hasn’t stopped. So, now she thought is the time to bring it back into her life again, with Free Spirit Yoga being one of the results of that.

Christina has been teaching Yoga since 2007 and draws influences from many different forms of Yoga to create a unique experience for each person. Her emphasis is based on good alignment, breathing, flowing sequences and a strengthening practice to allow each one to set their spirits free.

Every Yoga experience is different and each class is specifically designed for the students needs.